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My Name is Jason, this is the about me, contact page. Scroll down to the bottom to shoot me an email!

If you need to get in contact with us please fill in the form below. If you are a representative from a lottery affiliate program please do not get in contact as we do not promote programs which we have not heard of directly. If you are interested in guest post or link exchanges then we do not respond to these requests either. Any requests for sites which may manipulate Google or do not follow their guidelines will not be responded to.

This site was set up to allow people to find out Swatch information as possible about the German lottery and why it is one of the best games to play in Europe. There are many alternatives playing through the official website which can work out as much better value for money such as through the bet365 website which not only allows you to get much better odds and payouts but also allow a variety of other payment methods such as PayPal or neteller. Playing through the German lottery website is only available for those residing in Germany and also have payment method only available to Germans. By playing through bet365 you can be located in one of any acceptable countries throughout the world with the only notable exceptions being the USA and France.

If you wish to contribute an article then please get in contact first but we do publish pretty much all of them that we get sent as long as it does not have a link back to any irrelevant sites or sites which have been added purely for SEO purposes.



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