Lottery Scams

These days the Internet is awash with various scams and tricks designed to take your hard earned money from you. Due to the huge sums of money involved in the lottery it has also been a big target of scams and tricks designed to separate you from your money.

One such scam is known throughout the world and is the Nigerian scam. Simply put a Nigerian scam is when someone emails you pretending they have a large sum of money for you and in return you need to 1st send them cash in order to release the funds. As with the Nigerian scam the lottery scam works in much the same way in that you are asked to send hundreds or even thousands of pounds in order to release a lottery win that you did not even enter.

If you have received an email claiming to be from some sort of lottery authority then you can simply discard it as no lottery will contact you by email if you have won a large sum of money. Furthermore if you have never even entered a lottery online or given out your email address online to a lottery site then how can they be contacting you about a win from a competition you didn’t even enter? If you enter and play lottery games through a website such as the National Lottery site then they will contact you by phone possible to congratulate you on your win you will then need to go to the lottery headquarters in London in order to claim the prize in person. Never will any lottery authority ask you to send the money first, this is obviously a blatant attempt to get your money. If you have fallen for the scam and you did send the money then they will keep contacting you and hassling you with more and more scams. There are many documentaries based in the UK of people think this sort of scam and then being signed up for more and more spam emails trying to get more money out of them.

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If you have received an email from the lottery then they will obviously never ask you for money in person. Why would a lottery request more money from you to release a prize? Another obvious sign that this is a scam is that they will request payment through Western Union. This is a method of sending money which is untraceable and non-recoverable. Anyone can receive a Western Union money transfer and by receiving the transfer in countries such as South Africa or India it is impossible to trace who picked up. Also, once you send the money you have absolutely no recourse and no way of getting the money back once it is sent.

You should always be wary of anyone requesting money by Western Union under any circumstance. If someone requests money for a service rendered or product you have bought always insist on PayPal as this is the most secure method of making a purchase online as you have ways of getting your money back if the service or product is not delivered. However, this is not a reason to ever send money to receive a prize as this is always 100% a scam.