Playing The German Lottery Online

If you are going to play the German lottery online remember there are a few things you should bear in mind before doing so. first and foremost you should only sign up to the official website or alternatively if you are based in the UK you can play from a site such as bet365. The advantage of playing through a sports book while with and the official site is the payout amounts are often much higher. For example 3 numbers with bet 365 can payout up to 650 to 1 whereas on the official site it may only paid £10. Remember that when you play through the sports books you must match alll 3 numbers in order to get the payout whereas with the official site you only need to match 3 of the six numbers chosen which explains the massive payout differences.

When signing up to any site remember to use a payment method which is secure such as your credit cards or PayPal. By using your credit cards as opposed to a debit card as you are  protected against any fraudulent transactions. For example if someone steals your credit card details you have a recourse and can recover any stolen funds if the hacker uses your credit card details to make fraudulent purchases online. Also if possible you should use PayPal as they have excellent buyer protection in place. There are any a few places you can use PayPal online to make bets on the German lottery but bet365 is one of them. They also accept many other payment methods included neteller and bank transfers for larger sums of money.

If you wish to play through the official site this is the only way you can hit the big jackpot payouts which vary from week to week but usually up to £30 million depending on how many rollovers there have been. If you want to hit a bigger jackpot then your only option in Europe is to play the Euro millions which funds twice a week and has been known to hit jackpot payouts exceeding €150 million.